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Status: 001 Red Closed 

Below are some commissions that i do. I might expand and accept something else in the future if i feel ready with it (e.x. character design, etc). I will consider of accepting any offer that isn't listed below.


Mechanical Design 

e.t.a. - Weeks
Good for - Personal Use/Project, Wallpaper, etc
The price and the time it takes to make varies depend on the complexity of the design and the amount of design detail information required (e.x. front+rear view with/without side view, head details, weapons, mechanism details, etc). By "Mechanical Design", i mean i accept design offer that isn't just robots/mechas. It literally is mechanical design: spaceships, tanks, fighter planes, batmobile, anything! :ahoy:

Sketches $40-80+ (+$5 inked)

Colored $50-100+

Soleus - Robed mode by orihalchonGN-011 Gundam Harute Ori.V by orihalchon GN-011 Gundam Harute Ori.V - Fighter Mode by orihalchon

Additional Details for each part $10 (+$5 inked, +$10 colored)
GN-011 Gundam Harute Ori.V - head by orihalchonGN-011 Gundam Harute Ori.V - GN Beam Gunblade by orihalchon GN-011 Gundam Harute Ori.V - GN Beam Cannon by orihalchon



e.t.a. - Weeks
Good for - Personal Use/Project, Wallpaper, Gifts, etc
The price and the time it takes to make varies depend on the complexity of the work required.

Sketches $20-50+ (+$5 inked)

Colored (Cel-Shaded/Digital Painted) $50-100+


2 things you need to know: A) I'm pretty flexible. I'll do ANY style you want; cartoons, retro, steampunk anything! Because i want to learn and expands my knowledge :). In any case, i may need your references due to my lack of knowledge on certain style so i can understand better your needs :D And B) All the work can be a fanart or original work. For commercial/marketing purposes, please provide further information on the case while ordering.

Here's what you do

> Send me a Note titled "Commission" in dA. If you don't have dA account, you can send the word to my email:
> The information i need: a detailed description of what you want in the final product (include references if possible).

... And you'll get

> My reply with further information such as total price, PayPal/Payoneer account, etc.


Rules, Terms and Agreement

> Payment via PayPal or Payoneer (in USD). Payment will be done twice: Pre-Pay (payment after the agreed price is made and will begin working on it once it is received) and Final-Pay (payment after the commission is done and ready to be delivered)
If a commission may took months to complete and considered costing too much, i accept installment/monthly pay after the Pre-Pay is made :ahoy:
> I don't accept 'Order Booking' in advance without Pre-Paying first.
You'll get 10% discount if you buy as Commission Package! (multiple formats in 1 order)
> I will turn down commissions i find uncomfortable/unable to do.
> You can cancel the commission you ordered. However, i will not return the Pre-Paid payment you have sent.
> Once the work begins, i will keep in touch with you through Note or email with some drafts to discuss what the final looks like. Any further sudden changes after the drafts stage however will cost an extra fee.
> I have the right to keep and use the original artwork for personal/deviation/portfolio purposes.

Still got more questions? Just ask me in the comments! Better order now if you don't want to get clogged up queuing! :ahoy:



1. :iconarazrael: (on-going - Long-Term-Project)

(Put-on-hold - :iconoogundam: (Long-Term-Project)
  • Listening to: Aimer, any Rocket League's Soundtracks
  • Reading: Inside Mari, Prison School
  • Watching: Lazy Game Review (YouTube)
  • Playing: ROCKET LEAGUE!!
  • Eating: Fried Rice..... sort of
  • Drinking: Water


Holy Moses. What a breathtaking episode to start the year. #violet_evergarden 
Dude... "Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card" is everything i wished for in a sequel to an all-time classic. :happybounce: 

Good god, Madhouse. What did we do that deserve this much goodness from you??
Welp it's a bit late, but to those who celebrate - I wish you all Merry Happy Christmas!! Great Gatsby - Raise Glass Merry christmas everybody Christmas La Ice Slide  
Curious question; how many of you guys here use Instagram? Really Makes You Think in 360 

Edit: I've made an account, recently. I haven't plan to post much on it yet (as i've made one just for socially), but i might once i get used to the UIs!

IG: orihalchon
In case you missed it, i've posted a WIP preview i'm currently working on on my Facebook and Twitter. Check it out if you haven't! ;)
Hey guys, i'm having a 20% discount + free worldwide shipping for all of my art prints on Society6, just for today! Be sure to check it out quick! :D
Most of Fate/Apocrypha's servant designs are so baffling that i might decide to diversify my Ori.V redesign series with a non-mecha formats, just to fix some of them..
I'm liking the 1st reply of the top comment on Twilight AXIS's 1st episode Laugh LOL 
In case you're missing out, you can now follow me on facebook! Be sure to leave a like so you can keep track of more updates from me Great Gatsby - Raise Glass…
Oh while you guys waiting for my facebook page made, here's a reminder i have other places to talk to :ahoy:
Twitter -
Tumblr -
For the first time, i felt compelled to create a page of mine on facebook..
For the first time, i felt compelled to create my page on Facebook..
So that's done with, what did you guys think of E3?
So i've been invited to Curioos, recently......... so i use Society6, instead.

Yep, i'm excited to announce that i now have a print store on Society6! In it, i sell a variety of prints (Art prints, Canvas/Metal prints, or even iPhone cases prints) of my Gundam illustrations. Here's the link:…

Oh and apparently, i have a limited promo sale until 10 June this midnight at PT, which by clicking the link above you'll get 25% off + free shipping for every product. So better check it out, quick! Great Gatsby - Raise Glass 
So E3's nearby. I look forward to Sony's presentation, but more precisely; hoping they confirmed the rumored Vita handheld successor. What are you guys hoping to see?
Can't believe 15th of April tomorrow marks a decade of my deviantART lifetime. I mean, that feels like yesterday!
Looking back, i'm quite sad so many of people whom i first met here that teaches me a lot - not only as an user and an artist, but also as a person - no longer/rarely active, anymore. So i can't thank you enough for those who've stayed and supported me since my debut with this Gundam Reakta by orihalchon on this site (especially for :iconsomvold: on that!).
Thankfully however, those who i first met here, i have met in real life in my college-years. Since then, i've met a lot more mecha-enthusiasts than i thought there ever was locally (which came along this :iconmdindonesia:). And i've gain new watchers to interact along the road, so again, i can't thank you enough for sticking with me! :manhug: 

I've been thinking about creating a Patreon lately, though indecisive. But if do though, i need you guys's help. I would love to know what do you guys want for rewards? Here's what i'm thinking right now Scratch Head :

- Since i don't post very often, a routine weekly-monthly perk is a BIG no no, for me.
- I'm thinking that the charges are exclusive for Mecha-designs only, though still undecided whether it'll be too for the rewards (e.x. full-res, PSDs, etc) or for my non-Mecha works as well.

So Iron-Blooded Orphans has ended. What do you guys think about it (and the series)?
A bit late, but happy valentine's day to those who celebrate! 


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